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Thank you for visiting us online. If you have a moment, we'd like to tell you about Red Ball Hardware. Red Ball Hardware it was founded in 1960 by small group of hardworking people willing to help people, who need any kind of repair, whether at home, business or any project. We are your neighborhood hardware store and we are specialize most HARD TO FIND items, professional staff we can help you with big or small projects.
That's why we say a visit to Red Ball, is like a visit to your neighbor.
Thank you for visiting us at www.RedBallHardwarestore.com.
For more personal form of service, be sure to visit us at your local Red Ball store.
Because if you do not find it in any store, we have it and if we do not have it we will order it! Because we are so dedicated to our customers that we seek all alternatives to help you! Thank you for choosing us, we hope to see you soon.
Red Ball Hardware Store.

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Address: 7612 Katella Ave. Stanton, 90680
Telephone: 714-890-6610
FAX: 714-890-0311

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